Watch These Ladies Kick Ass & Take Names

I recently reviewed Playland Skate Center and talked about how roller skating is a fun activity for adults who want to act like kids. You can do the Macarena! And eat lots of candy! And breathe in chemicals from the smoke machine!

Well, Austin offers another side of roller skating. At the Texas Roller Derby, skating’s all grown up. And it’s ANGRY.

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Texas Roller Derby

Want to See Austin’s Supernatural Side?

Let me start this review by saying that I don’t believe in most stuff that could be classified as “supernatural.” Ghosts, fairies, vampires, demons, yetis… I just don’t buy it. But I do love a good scary story, so when my friend Meredith suggested we try an Austin ghost tour, I was totally on board.

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Spirit Expeditions Tour Austin

Participate in Austin’s Biggest Race

Austin is an annoyingly fit city. Basically everyone in this town runs marathons, or teaches zumba classes, or just opened their own yoga studio. It’s hard not to give in to the peer pressure. This year I caved and signed up for the Capitol 10K.

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Capitol 10K Austin

Think You’re Smart? Find Out at This Trivia Night

I love trivia, probably because I know a fair amount of useless facts. Want to know who invented Velcro? I’m your girl. Want to know how to change a tire? Sorry, can’t help you.

Luckily for me, Austin has great trivia nights at not one, not two, but 29 bars and restaurants around town. No matter where you live, there’s a Geeks Who Drink venue near you.

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Geeks Who Drink Austin

Skate the Night Away at This Austin Classic

Being an adult is the worst. Instead of enjoying the amazing weather on Sunday, I spent most of the afternoon hunched over a laptop trying to figure out my taxes. (Where did I put my W-2? What on earth is a cost basis? Can I claim my plant as a dependent?)

So, in an ode to the carefree days of childhood, let’s talk about Playland Skate Center.

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Playland Skate Center - Austin

Start & End Your Day With Two All-Star Restaurants

Happy Friday, everyone! The weather’s getting warmer, bluebonnets are popping up everywhere, and I’m in a generous mood. So today, you get two reviews for the price of one. (That’s basically DOUBLE the free. What a steal!)

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Blue Star Black Star

Tiny Theater, Big Laughs

Austin is a treasure trove of funny, talented people. (Well, mainly me, but there are a few other comic geniuses scattered about.) As a result, you can watch great comedy for incredibly cheap– less than it would cost you for a large soda at the movies.

I still love the Hideout very, very much, but now it has a rival for my affection…

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Coldtowne Theater Austin

Unleash Your Inner Redneck… AGAIN

As I’ve said before, I’m the worst Texan. I’m not big into country music, I’ve never been hunting, I don’t drive a truck, and so on. But I like trying everything that Austin has to offer, and for two weeks each spring the city hosts a rodeo. So why not try it out?

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Rodeo Austin

5 Fun Things Happening Far, Far From SXSW

If you’ve been downtown this week, you know that it’s currently the cluster to end all clusters. Traffic has gone from bad to abysmal, drunk badgeholders are swarming the streets, parking requires a special SXSW permit, and corporations have set up tents in every free space larger than three feet wide.

So if you get anxious in large crowds but don’t want to be trapped in your house this weekend, here are five awesome things that won’t get you remotely near downtown.

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SXSW Traffic

Don’t Skip This Unassuming Little Restaurant

If living in Austin has taught me one thing, it’s to not judge a book by its cover. Especially when it comes to food. Some of the tastiest things you’ll ever eat in this town come from a sketchy trailer run by a guy who looks like he just escaped from maximum-security prison.

We also have lots of hidden culinary treasures. Little Deli, which you could easily drive past without noticing, falls in that category.

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Little Deli Austin

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Austin Zoo

The reaction I usually get when I mention the Austin Zoo to a friend is, “Wait, Austin has a zoo?” Yes, we do. Technically.

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Austin Zoo

A Fun Way to Publicly Humiliate Yourself

Looking at my blog the other day, I realized that a lot of the activities I post aren’t exactly cheap. Top Golf, cooking classes at Central Market, Second Bar + Kitchen… since when did I get so fancy? If I don’t watch out, I’ll soon be writing “Austin’s 5 Best Spots for Imported Caviar” and “A Great Place to Send Your Butler on His Day Off”.

So let’s get trashy at one of Austin’s oldest dive bars: Ego’s.

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Ego's Bar Austin